About Spica

″Freshness. Efficiently delivered.″

What we do?

Produce, transport and deliver the freshest.

We seek to be the most efficient and reliable supplier of fresh and healthy products gifted from nature.

To produce, transport and deliver the freshest.

We work around the globe to constantly deliver to you the highest of your requirements.


Connecting a world of Freshness & Sustainability


Buying international products locally.

We supply fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables from different parts of the world to be directly available in our warehouses in Rotterdam.

We also offer unique services

Planting special crops upon demand with our quality guarantee.

Customized packaging sizes and material.

Ready packages with private label, logo, and information for direct sales without repacking.

We efficiently reduce

You can buy international products in any quantity without the need to worry how it is managed. Moreover, we offer very competitive prices for both the goods and the services.

We save your time since our goods are directly available in our warehouses in Barendrecht, Rotterdam.

We save you all the risks associated with importing goods such as faults or rejections in goods, delays, price fluctuations, and others.